Friday, April 02, 2010

Blood and Devotion Anthology

Here's a new anthology to try.

Quoting from the copy:

The clash of steel. The scent of blood. The heat of fire from heaven. The cries of the dying and of the dead.

Brave warriors and devotees to the gods follow the paths their faiths have put before them, and when religious fervor meets skill of arms and magic, kings will fall, armies will collide, and men and women will perish for their beliefs.
I'm pleased to post that this anthology is now available. I have a tale of war, magic, and treachery in the anthology (the fire from the Heavens tale). The anthology has several wonderful interior illustrations, and the editor William H. Horner (W. H. Horner) did a fantastic job in putting this project together. He even tolerated my dry humor!

I urge anyone interested, or slightly interested in the book, to read all of the stories. They work together quite nicely. Below is a TOC:

Editor, W. H. Horner
Cover Art. Nicole Cardiff

Introduction by David B. Coe

“The Daughters of Desire” by Jay Lake
“In the Light of Dying Fires” by Gerard Houarner
“Hammer Song” by K. L. Van der Veer
“The Treachery of Stone” by William Jones
“The Perils of Twilight” by Peter Andrew Smith
“The Gifts of the Avalea” by I. M. McHugh
“Eye of the Destroyer” by Aliette de Bodard
“Greatshadow” by James Maxey
“Magic’s Choice” by R. W. Day


Rick said...

Sounds like a great reason for me to expand my reading list.

Middle Ditch said...

I read you being interviewed by Rick on his blog. It was a wonderful and most interesting read and I had to look you up.