Friday, October 24, 2008

What's in a Book?

Tales Out of Miskatonic University

What's in a book? Paper, glue, binding, ink, sentences, words, numbers, ideas, secrets. All manner of things can be found in a book - including authors (a tough squeeze).

In this case, I'm really asking who is in the book? The book being Tales Out of Miskatonic University, to be published by Mythos Books, Inc. Trying to guess who is included seems to have become a popular feature on the blog, so I thought I'd continue it with this anthology. But first, let me make a statement about the MU Blog Contest. It will come to an end in 3 weeks. So if you have additional posts (or emails), send them promptly. Remember, you can enter as many times as you like. For more details, click on the Miskatonic University Contest link.

Now it wouldn't be fair not to give everyone a starting point. And I suppose there should be some sort of prize involved. The top three folks who supply the most information will win prizes. I'll offer up - a choice of a copy of the book, or a cover print from the artist (Steven Gilberts). I'm offering the prizes, so these poor folks don't know about it yet. :) Not to worry.


*Help each other, and everyone wins
*Post in the comments to prove you're helping, or go it alone and email
*(if emailing) Include the subject "INSIDE MU CONTEST"
*Be nice

What to find? (Trick or Treat)

As it the nearby holiday is Halloween, I thought we might try a twist. You can trick others by offering false information. How sinister. I'll not hold that against anyone. But, please, be kind and polite with such information.

I'm looking for author and artist names, websites, and story titles. The more the better. Finding all of them might be difficult. But who knows?

The more detail, the better. And don't overlook the obvious. That's part of the trick.


Here are some authors who are included in the anthology, but I'm not mentioning story titles:

Richard A. Lupoff
Robert M. Price
C. J. Henderson
Stephen Mark Rainey

-- That's all you get.


The challenge ends Novemeber 15th, 11:59 p.m., EST (that's -5/4 hours GMT depending upon the time of the year).


Vesper said...

Hello William, I’m visiting on a lead from Ferrel Moore’s blog, so that’s how I know that his story “A Horrified Mind” is part of “Tales Out of Miskatonic University” - fascinating name for a university, really! :-) Also, I believe Charles Gramlich, too, is in it. No trick here, just a true treat (for the readers)… :-)

William Jones said...

Vesper - An earlier and good find on both authors. Thanks for the info!

Charles Gramlich said...

I really don't know a lot more than anyone else but I do have a few inside clues. Perhaps if someone were to buy me a beer? Perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Here are some names John Goodrich and Lon Prater. I don't have any titles for them.

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

I hears sed book is a gud place to get a edumacation.

William Jones said...

Heather - Good finds!

Mark - I'm worried about the education one gets from MU. Really, something's always going on - and after encountering it, they begin to talk in a strange fashion. The horror of higher learning! And don't ask about terminal degrees!

Anonymous said...

There's a rumor that Tim Curran contributed an Egyptology tale.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rainey's story is entitled To Be As They. Charles Gramlick's is The Vivarium. John Goodrich's is Dream's of Raw Flesh. Lon Prater's is Symphony Aligning The Stars. No tricks here.

Unknown said...

A truth here!

Robert M. Price's story is "The Third Oath of Dagon". I found his email address and asked!

Anonymous said...

Someone named Lisa has been busy on the blogosphere, asking authors about their Miskatonic stories, but I have not seen the results of her investigation posted here yet. Here is some of what she has uncovered:

M. Keaton/"Strings"
Stewart Sternberg/"At The Pillars of Canaan"


Anonymous said...

I've been doing lots of Google searches but hadn't found anything yet that hadnt been mentioned until today:

So apparently you have a story called "Admission and Explusion" in there too Jeff Edwards!!! Congratulations!!!!