Friday, March 23, 2007

The 100 Best Hobby Games -- the Anthology

Shortly after the news about the upcoming 100 Best Hobby Games anthology was posted on my website, I had a number of emails asking me "which are the 100 best," and what am I writing about. Sorry, I can't say. I expect most of the games can be guessed -- although the history of hobby games isn't limited to the last few years. But, I suspect their will be a number of welcome surprises also.

I cannot mention what the subject of my essay -- a number of the guesses were quite interesting. What I can say is that (which is in the Green Ronin press release) is that the designers and authors were asked to write about games that they did not design or have a financial connection with. The process of elimination should narrow the field a bit.

Visit the Green Ronin site for more details.

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