Friday, March 16, 2007

Babylon 5 Gossip

While this is not news to the devout followers of the SF television series Babylon 5, it might be to those who thought the program had vanished. Nearly two weeks ago, I received a telephone call from J. Michael Straczynski. He was in Vancouver, doing the final mixing on a new DVD release titled: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. Over his cell phone, I could hear the snippets of the audio -- although he urged that I forget anything that I heard. But, the reason for his call was get me to send a release for Warner Brothers (which was not needed, but Warner Brothers wanted to make sure there were no problems).

Why a release from me? I obviously have nothing to do with the production. But, as part of the screenplay for The Lost Tales is related to JMS's story that appeared in issue #7 of Dark Wisdom (, a release from me was thought to be needed.

After some debate with a stubborn fax machine on the receiving end, I managed to get the paperwork through. And during my discussion with JMS, I did hear some interesting things in the background, none of which I do remember (honestly). However, for those who have a copy of Dark Wisdom #7, and who are Babylon 5 fans, then you might have an idea of why a priest from Earth is needed on the station. That issue of the magazine is sold out, and beyond being connected to Babylon 5, it was also the last digest size issue of the magazine. So if you are a collector, the value might have just increased.

Here is a link to his personal backstage photos site: ( Again, it isn't a secret. Dedicated fans of B5 already have seen this as well. But, if you haven't followed the series, or didn’t know about The Lost Tales, then do take a peek.

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