Monday, October 06, 2008

Convention Wrap-up

It seems that I didn't have as much free time to post about ConClave 33 this weekend. I'm certain that most of the other folks attending have covered the the convention on the Internet quite well, so I'll offer my thanks to everyone - attendees and panelists.

As usual, it is always nice to meet new people, and trap people in a room, forcing them to listen to my ramblings. I attended a number of enjoyable panels - not as many as I'd like. And I was on several (even a few I didn't know about) panels, all of which were great fun for me. So, in a seemingly cryptic order, I'll thank everyone on the panels who endured me:

Jody Harrow, Anne Zanoni, M. Keaton, Wanda DeAngelo, Freon, Merrie Haskell, Dave Kecha, Jim Hines, Steve Bucheit, Ferrel "Rick" Moore, Richard Tucholka, Charles, P. Zaglanis, Stewart Sternberg, Michelle Sagara West, Tiffany Aaron, and Daniel J. Hogan.

Hopefully, I've not overlooked anyone.

Additionally, and as always, it was great to meet all the people I've previously only known over the Internet, and thanks to those people who willingly returned to speak to me after encountering me at other conventions. I do think that Steve Bucheit needs special thanks for his heroic endurance at what had to be one of the strangest "dinners" he's ever had.

I'll confuse, the hours and lack of sleep from a convention can weigh heavy over the length of a weekend. Nonetheless, ConClave 33 was a thrill - as are all conventions. Sometimes there is a price to pay the next day or two for having too much fun. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

It's very nice if you have a day off after a con to sleep in.

Steve Buchheit said...

No thanks necessary, I had a blast. Good people and good conversation made it all worthwhile. I'm glad I didn't stifle the weirdness with my presence. Hanging out with raconteurs is my definition of good fun. And thanks for having me included.

Jim C. Hines said...

There's never enough time to talk and hang out with everyone you want to. 'Twas fun paneling with you, but I'm sorry there wasn't more time to chat and chill.

William Jones said...

Charles - Very true. I regret that I didn't get that day. But I'm still looking for one. :)

Steve - You are very kind, and you were not weird in the slightest. And the waitress was very kind, and skilled at not revealing what I suspect were her true thoughts. :)

Jim - It seems we alway get a chance to nod from a distance or sit on a panel and not speak to each other. :) Nonetheless, it was good seeing you. Maybe next time we'll get a chance to chat. This was a busy convention.