Friday, October 03, 2008

ConClave 33 Convention

I've been a bit busy, so I haven't posted in a while. Now I'm off to a convention. I'll try to post to update those who cannot attend.

I'll be at ConClave 33 Convention in Romulus, Michigan, this weekend (Oct. 3rd - 5th). Weekend passes are available, and so are daily passes. So if you get a chance, drop by one day or several. There are plenty of panels, events, and much October happiness to be hand.

Here is a quite glimpse of my schedule (I don't have the overall convention schedule). If you're there, drop by and say hello.

7:00 - Writers Workshop (Writers are welcome to walk in with material)


11:00 AM - Book signing for William Jones. William Jones will be autographing fans copies of his books. And talking about his new book Voodoo Virus. (I'll also have some giveaways such are cover sheets, bookmarks, bookcards, ribbons, and quite a few other things).

4:00 PM - Writer's Workshop Critiques (This is were a number of writers and editor comment upon submitted work - walk-ins are still welcome.

6:00 PM - H.P. Lovecraft Today: How Lovecraft's ideas and fiction have become larger than Lovecraft.

9:00 PM - The New Frontiers in Space: Fringe colonies, frontier planets, civil wars, and battling space ships - is this the new face of science fiction? Or is it science fantasy?

10:00 PM - Zombies and Survival Fiction: It seems like the undead are becoming more popular with every passing decade. Discover the thrill behind zombies and apocalyptic fiction.


11:00 AM - "What?! You don't pick your own cover art?" (Yes, authors seldom get a chance to select their cover art - okay, authors almost never get a chance. This panel discusses the process.

1:00 PM -Writer's Workshop Wrap-Up (Questions & Answers, with some discussion on how to get published.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Have fun. Romulus sounds like a great town to hold such a con.

Jeff Edwards said...

Hey William. Good to see you back on the blog! It seemed like you really dropped off the grid for awhile. Hope you have fun at ConClave. BTW, Stewart may have kept people away from the con with his descriptions of Romulus! :-)


Voland said...

Hi William,

Good to see you back! ;-)

That sounds like a very cool convention. I would *love* to be in on more or less the whole of Saturday evening and Sunday morning - New Frontiers in Space sounds completely up my street.

I don't suppose anyone's going to be podcasting these seminars in some form? Just a thought...

Have a good weekend! :-D


Stewart Sternberg said...

HEY. I love Romulus, Jeff.Actually, the hotel is hardly Romulus, it's located right next to airport.

Jeff Edwards said...

Sorry, Stewart! After I posted that note, I tried to track down your earlier negative comment and could only find positive things you've said about ConClave and Romulus. It must have been the hotel or the airport you mentioned. I vaguely remember the term "armpit" being used, I think!


William Jones said...

Charles - Thanks!

Jeff - I hope I'm back on the blog. :) I might vanish at any moment. And yes, it seems Stewart has generated anti-promotion. :) I believe a group of concerned Romulus citizens have hired a "hit squad" to confront him on the topic.

Voland - Really, Normandy is not that far from Romulus (the city, not the Star Trek territory). One short . . . well, maybe not so short, ride over the ocean.

The New Frontiers panel did turn out to be great fun. Several secrets about the direction of SF were revealed (naturally I cannot utter such secrets here). And it seemed the audience had a good time. I might even take out my historical re-write of "300 Martins."

Stewart - "Hardly in Romulus" doesn't redeem you with the folks of Romulus. :)

Jeff Edwards said...

I am not trying to antagonize Stewart (I hear he is quite violent, at least when it comes to deer) but I have to set the record straight.

Here is the quote that stirred up the "Down with Sternberg" hit squad in Romulus. Stewart was responding to a blogger named fab within the comments to a September 13 House of Sternberg post: "fab....there is a Romulus. And it is an armpit, nestled by Detroit Metro Airport. A sad little town with no personality."