Thursday, September 04, 2008

Questions and Answers

I've been away a few days, and remiss in my postings. Does it seem like we always have too much to do and too little time? For some reason, I keep remembering the promise of decades past, and how technology will free up our time, and advancements will make us a world of leisure. Maybe I'm just in the wrong world. :)

Jeff Edwards, a writer and reviewer who occasionally posts here, took the time to interview me for Shroud: A Journal of Dark Fiction (#3). If you haven't read Shroud in the past, give it a shot. Not just because there is an interview with me in it, but because it is a slick magazine of dark fiction and art. It has 100+ pages of fiction, interviews, reviews - and a puzzle! For those of you who know me, I have some experience in the magazine business, and if you enjoy this venue, then support it.

So how did the interview go, you might wonder? Well, Jeff asked me questions, and I answered them. He thwarted my attempt to ask him questions, and let him provide the answers. He's too clever for that.

Also, I'll be interviewed live on BlogTalkRadio's Geekerati channel this September 8th, at 7:00pm Pacific time. The show will also be available as a podcast on iTunes at a later date (in case you miss it). Christian Lindke will be quizzing me about a few things, and I do know that "Cthulhu" be on the slate, as well as Pulp Cthulhu. Christian is a BTR critic and reviewer for several other sites (visit Cinerati). As for Geekerati, it is an Internet radio show dealing with popular culture, including films, novels, comic books, television, conventions, RPGs, pretty much everything "geek." :)

And, although I just put it in my convention link, I will be attending ConClave 33, October 3rd - 5th (Romulus, Michigan). This is a weekend convention, with panels and a dealer's room. However, it is possible to attend on single days as well. Simply show up at the hotel and get a one day pass. I'll be on several panels, and once the programming is finalized, I'll post it online - hope to see you there!

There are a few other interviews in progress. Once I'm given the approval, I'll post about them. Maybe it's best I don't saturate everyone with too much news. :)

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Vwriter said...

What about that paperless world thing? Remember that one?

And I'll subscribe to Shroud before the weekend is out. Tell Chuck I might even read it.