Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How to Win A Book - Contest

I'd like the thank Christian, Shauna, and Eric at Geekerati radio for a grand time. And thanks to the wonderful emails from people who listened to the Geekerati interview. In fact, thanks to everyone who listened (the interview is playing all week on the station).

Geekerati is having a contest. It is still possible to be a part of if, if you email the answer to the trivia question. Yes, some folks did kindly email me asking for the answer. :) Sorry, can't offer that. But I can say there are plenty of clues out there - including in the book Secrets of New York, the magazine Queitus, the magazine Horror Carousel. Also there are some hints on this blog - particularly in the Miskatonic University Blog comments. And quite a few scattered around the Internet. Oh, and several in The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson - those won't help if you haven't read the book.

What was the trivia question? It wasn't posted on the Geekerati site, so my guess is they want you to listen to the interview - which you still can do; however, I don't know if the books have been given away yet. So liseten quickly. For those who wish, feel free to post hints to this message - or keep them to yourself.

Geekerati is giving away copies of The Strange cases of Rudolph Pearson. How do you win? Answer the trivia question asked during the Interview.


Charles Gramlich said...

I should do well. I have a trivial mind.

Vwriter said...

I knew the answer last night, but my phone wasn't charged so I couldn't call in. I want that book! Who do I tell the answer to?

William Jones said...

I should have included the info on how to send Geekerati the answer. :)

Click on the link to Geekerati (in my post), that takes you to their website. "Create an account" (option at the top of the screen). This gives you a name with them. Then "Send message" on the Geekerati screen.

If you select "Send message" before creating an account, it will say, "Create an account." So everything pretty much points you to making an account, then sending the message from their link.

Jeff Edwards said...

That was a fun interview. I agree with all the Vin Diesel talk in the aftershow.