Friday, January 22, 2010


If you're near Troy, MI this Saturday, join in the fun at the Pallid Light release party!

Free books and magazines!
More fun!
Contests and Prizes!


Well, the poster below describes everything at the party. Most importantly, there will be zombie waitresses (special thanks to Vicki, Arica, Jackie, and Deborah).

I'll also be on a few panels (listed below):

Saturday 9:00 AM Rate Fail: Does it Matter How Much Writers Get Paid for Short Fiction?

A new market offers genre writers one-fifth of a cent per word, but considers it okay because it's the exposure that counts. Yet this is less than the pulps paid eighty years ago, even unadjusted for inflation. Minimum SFWA pro rates are 5 cents a word, and even that isn't a lot of money. Exposure versus payment? For The Luv versus Business? Does money equal quality? Authors discuss differing views on these questions.

Saturday 10:00 PM

Writers Contests for New Writers

Having deadlines is a great way for the new writer to be motivated to get short stories completed and sent out.

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Rick said...

Okay, count me in! Now I just have to find the hotel.