Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MU Twitter Contest Over

First, let me apologize, I'm typing this from a moving car - and my display screen is very small. I'm on my way to the GenCon convention. Oh, and I'm not driving. :) Although I haven't mentioned it much, I just had a surgery last week, and as a result I must be a passenger (among other limitations). Still, I'll be at GenCon, and I'll be posting updates from the convention on my Twitter (@RudolphPearson) and from the account I use for Chaosium (@Ab_Chaosium).

But right now, I'm here to speak about the Miskatonic University Twitter contest. It ihas end, and it did very well. A little over 650 submissions in three days. Obviously, I can't include all of them, but I'll do my best to include as many as I can.

What I learned about Miskatonic University from the Twitter feeds is that there is an overwhelming worry about Deep Ones on the campus. Yes, the bulk of Tweets references Deep Ones in one fashion or the other - only 1 Tweet was used as an excuse for not finishing a homework assignment.

I also learned that while the bulk of the MU faculty are "normal," there are a handful that worry the students (usually strange nocturnal activities). And there are some professors who are concerned about the students, although not in an academic sense. More of a "don't want to be consumed by them" fashion.

Good rule of thumb: Stay out of the library and basement.

Perhaps the best news is that no economic crisis has reached MU. At least there were no complaints about tuition, salary, or funding for insane experiments. This latter part is great news for the "crazy theory" department.

Excluding an abundance of Deep Ones, the university campus - based on Twitter response - is one of the safest in the world. It seems many students have eldritch spells or artifacts to defend against prowling creatures and janitors.

All and all, the staff, faculty, and students appeared overworked - usually engaged in occult endeavors rather than academic. But perhaps the most over worked person, and risky occupation, belongs to the librarian. This is a university where avoiding the library is a good thing.

When I started the contest, I had no idea I'd learn so much from the statistics of the Twitter messages. It was great fun, and my thanks to all who participated.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the light-hearted tone of this post. It's like something Ian Bright might have written.

Rick said...

I was a little slow on the uptake figuring out how to operate Twitter, but I'm locked and loaded now and ready for the next contest!

Charles Gramlich said...

650? Wow. I had no idea it would be that popular. That bodes well. Cool!

Steve Buchheit said...

Hope you're doing better after the surgery. And that the surgery didn't involve incantations or "activations" of an eldritch kind.

The twitter contest was interesting. I had never considered twitter-fic before.