Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's in the Air

Sometimes it is good to relax. I often say this, have it told to me, and I've read about it. And sometimes, I spot people simply having fun. A good example is the group of people laughing and having fun over my house. It appears that they've opted for an archaic mode of transportation. Those of you who have heard hot-air balloons, know that you can often hear the "heater" (is that the correct term?) long before you hear the screams of delight from the travelers. That was the case here. I was busy answering emails when suddenly a "whoosh" sounded from outside. Okay, I admit, I already knew what it was. In my town, quite a few people take air-tours. It was the sound of the balloon approaching.

I wonder how many people have tried this. I live in an area where I can be in a balloon in 15 minutes, but I've never went up in one. Instead, I wait for them to pass over and write blog posts. :) In lieu of taking the time to ride over the trees in a lighter than air creation, I thought I'd make a light post. Basically just having fun and sharing some pictures.

If anyone is in doubt, the folks hanging in the air were having a grand time. Waving to everyone, posing for photos, and even dipping a bit. This is a bit risky near my house as there are a few tall trees in the area. But I suspect in that slight risk is some fun. And it's always nice when fun is in the air.


Jeff Edwards said...

When I lived in Phoenix, I'd often spot several hot air balloons while driving through the mountains on my morning commute. Now in Chicago I ride a dirty train underground on my way to the salt mines...I mean, office. How times have changed. I could use some levity right about now.


William Jones said...

I've never been on a subway in Chicago - but I have in New York and London. Those were rather nice. But, I did live next to a salt mine for many years. :) It was next to an oil refinery, which was next to a steel mill. They were great fun, and I never saw a hot air balloon go over the city (Detroit).

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been up in a balloon one time. It was exhilirating.

William Jones said...

Charles - I imagine it was quite a thrill to ride in a balloon. It also seems like a "care free" experience, as there is little control over where you go. (As I post this, another balloon is drifting by.)

The Acrobatic Flea said...

I went in a balloon once, when I was a reporter on a local paper. We were in a race and to make sure we got across the finish line fastest we crashed down into this field and let the wind drag us along.

Very bumpy, and probably very dangerous as we were all thrown around in the basket like toys in a washing machine.

I hate heights, but loved this - it was unlike anything I've ever done before or since.

Steve Buchheit said...

Went to college in Akron. We had blimps. No whooshing noise, but those engines can be loud. It may have been the latent steam-punk in me, but I always loved to see them driving along.

William Jones said...

Acrobat - Now that sounds like thrilling fun. I always figured I had such bad luck that if I went up in a balloon, it would come down promptly and at terminal velocity. :) But your experience sounds like a one of a kind thrill. I'm one step close to trying it.

Steve - Every time I see one of these balloons or a blimp, the steampunk fan comes out in me as well. When I snapped the photo of this one, I was wondering: What type of story could I turn this into?