Monday, April 14, 2008

A Return from a Wonderful Convention

I would like to thank James Allen, and everyone involved at CodCon XIII. It was a wonderful convention, I had the opportunity to speak with quite a few dedicated gamers and readers, and I had time to enjoy myself. Other than some minor highway construction (not unusual for the Chicago area), the trip was smooth. The convention was well organized, and the entertainment never stopped. To everyone I met, spoke with, and who joined in the games, I say, thank you very much. It was grand being the Guest of Honor.

And for anyone in the area, this is certainly a convention to consider visiting next year. There is a strong group at the College of DuPage (wonderful campus), who work very hard to make sure the convention occurs every year. For fans of gaming and fiction, I don't think anything else could be asked for.


Charles Gramlich said...

Glad you enjoyed. I'm looking forward to Babel Con coming up not too long from now down here.

William Jones said...

Charles - What are the dates for Babel Con?

Jeff Edwards said...

July 19-20 -- Baton Rouge, LA --