Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dark Fantasy Ponderings

I enjoy dark fantasy fiction - I have a few tales slated for this year and next year in anthologies from various publishers. And what I mean dark fantasy in the Howard or Smith sense of fiction, but darker in mood, and bit more up to date for modern readers. Also, I enjoy the "weird" elements these authors brought to the fiction.

If you're wondering, this post is not really going anywhere, except it allows me to speculate upon how many people would email me if they to had an interest in a dark fantasy anthology. Such a book would have limited space. And the last thing I need is another project for this year. Still, it is an interesting thought experiment.


Lee Clark Zumpe said...

I would be surprised if you didn’t receive an influx of queries from interested authors. I have a suspicion that there are many writers out there dying to try their hand at this style of storytelling. When I started writing in the 1990s, my dark fantasy output rivaled my horror stories. Finding a stable market for dark fantasy proved difficult, particularly at the dawn of my career, so little by little horror became my mainstay.

Of course, it wouldn’t take much effort to get me to revisit my past.


Charles Gramlich said...

Always enjoyed Dark Fantasy. I tend not to connect it really to urban fantasy,though, but more to mood horror.