Friday, October 26, 2007

Conventions, World Fantasy, and a Contest

I recently attended ConClave32, where not only was I lucky enough to participate in panels, but also had the chance to meet up with a few fans of "high seas" fiction at the High Seas Cthulhu release party. And already, I'm venturing to the World Fantasy Convention. Like most conventions, this one promises to be four days of fun and fun. If you're in the area, drop by and visit. On Friday, at 12:00 noon, I'll be be the "City City C" room, on a panel dealing with Lovecraft and supernatural fiction:

Lovecraft and the Rejection of the Supernatural (City City C/ 12:00 pm)

(Attending): S.T. Joshi, William Jones, Tim Powers, Scott Connors (m), F. Paul Wilson

For fans of H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote a work titled, Supernatural Horror in Literature, this is certain to be an interesting panel. I'll do my best to post comments about the panel, and the entire convention. (If you've not read SHL by Lovecraft, S.T. Joshi has a wonderful annotated edition recently published).

For those who missed out on ConClave32, and the High Seas Cthulhu release party, I have a few of the book cover plates that were passed around as free gifts. So in way of a contest, post a sentence or two, or longer if you like, describing the scene on the cover of High Seas Cthulhu (by Steven Gilberts). And I'll randomly, with perhaps a little bias for clever ones, select "winners" and mail a copy of the cover plate.

So what is a cover plate? It is the cover of the book that has not been bound or trimmed. As most were given away at the High Seas Cthulhu release party, they are very limited now. And they make a great great collector's item.

The contest starts today, and will continue until November 8th, around the time I return for the World Fantasy Convention. And as Steven Gilberts will be at the convention as well, I'll see if I can get him to autograph it. Contributors to the book are also welcome to join in on the contest, as they didn't get these covers. Of course, the main goal is for everyone to write a "cover story," and have fun with it.

And for those who have not read the High Seas Cthulhu: Below Decks article, pay it a visit. Contributors are still updating it with comments.

Note: Anyone can post, simply select "Other" and enter a name. Check back to see if you win, at which point I'll ask for your a mailing address (which can be emailed to me).


Charles Gramlich said...

Ask Scott Connors about REHupa. He's a member along with me.

Daniel J. Hogan said...

I was lucky enough to get one of those cover plates at ConClave, I want to get a frame for it or at least something to keep it in decent shape.

William Jones said...

Charles -- I'll be sure to ask him. I know of the REHupa, although it is limited to what I've heard from members and sometimes come across the the Internet.

Daniel -- Ah, you have one of the plates. Great! There were a few sitting around after the release party. I now wished I'd picked up a few more.

Nate Reyes said...

How about "Abandon Ship!"

Chuck Zaglanis said...

"The grog is gone, the lads have scurvy, and we're becalmed in the middle of the God-forsaken ocean. How can things get any worse Mr. Christian?"

Anonymous said...

"Ahoy there my maties, who drank all the rum and barfed that into the ocean?"

David Conyers

Thomas said...

I've got a bite! I've got a bite!

Jeff Edwards said...

This isn't a comment on the current topic, but I wanted to compliment you on the blog's new look!


William Jones said...

Jeff -- Thanks for the comment on the blog! My website has also been re-modeled with a similar theme:

Actually, it was the the website that inspired the blog. And all of the magic was performed by Deborah -- I just offered endless suggestions.

Cairo said...

Frank the Shoggoth hated storms.

They scared him. The waves always tossed his shapeless mass about relentlessly. The rain pelted him like stones thrown from above. And that red sky meant that the storm of all storms was just about to arrive. This was not helping his anxiety issues at all.

After chanting a soothing mantra to calm his nerves, he tentatively reached out and grabbed at a passing ship. With a bit of maneuvering, he might fit his bulky form onboard, and then he'd be able to wait out the worst of it. He might even be able to get through this without crying, which would be a real emotional breakthrough for him.

But the insensitive passengers would have none of it. As he tried to board the ship, they screamed, they shouted. They threw pointy things at him. They shot him with their cannon. As if he didn't have self enough esteem problems, what with looking like some sort of toxic spill. Now they added injury to insult by shooting at him.

"Oh, just forget it," Frank said tearfully, and he ate the ship. He'd find some remote little island and sit out the storm there, where there were no people to look down upon him, to be so cruel and judgemental.

Gnawing on a last bit of deck planking, he let out a cleansing sigh and swam off into the stormy sunrise.

Cassandra said...

Good news, captain, the leak in the ship is no longer a pressing problem.

I loved the book, btw!

Chris said...

"Avast, ye sea dogs. Hold yer fire, and don't shoot till you see the whites of its eyes!"

Somso said...

"Red sky at morning is a sailors warming. Red sky at night is a shoggoth's delight"

Jeff Edwards said...

I'm not sure why I haven't seen it before (maybe it is a new addition to your blog) but that Amazon Widget is cool! That looks like a fun way to promote your books.


William Jones said...

Jeff-- The scroller is a new addition. I did have several static titles on the column (as on my website:, but this one seemed too energetic to resist. And it wasn't cluttered with logos.

To those emailing about the contest--
Yes, I did extend the date to the 8th of Nov. And "one line" is plenty to be entered. I've enjoyed the fiction stories, but I fear there are too many for me to read and comment on. Still, you are entered into the contest.

Phillip said...

You said the post can be just a post. I can't match some of these posts. I'm not a writer, so I'm just going to keep it bland and post.