Monday, June 11, 2007

Wired Blog: Table of Malcontents

High Seas Cthulhu Washes Up on Wired Blog

On May 31st, it seems the monster in the bottle reached John Brownlee, editor of Table of Malcontents. Here is a snapshot of the post:

Of all the Pirates vs. X permutations that have caught the fancy of the Internet, perhaps the showdown that makes the most sense is Pirates Vs. Cthulhu. Logistically, ninjas are not likely to take to the high sea, where as pirates patrol and plunder the very waves under which R'lyeh rots and Great Cthulhu lays dreaming.

It is an excellent idea for a book, and the Elder Signs Press is now making it a reality with High Seas Cthulhu...
Herbert West at sea -- maybe ship's surgeon? The fun Dr West would have.


PaulSKemp said...

Nice advance plug.

William Jones said...

Thanks, Paul! Any promotion is good promotion -- so I'm told. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I ran into Angeline Hawkes and Christopher Fullbright in Cross Plains, Texas for Howard days and they had nice things to say about you so I thought I'd check it out. Cool site.

William Jones said...

Hello Charles,

Thanks for dropping by! Angeline and Christopher are too generous.

I have had the pleasure to work with both of them. Angeline is in a recent anthology I edited (Frontiers Cthulhu), and Christopher is in issue #4 of Dark Wisdom magazine.

I would have loved to have been at Howard days, but I'm a bit of a way from it.

Vwriter said...

Hello William:

It's great to see the idea getting rave reviews in advance. However, I'm taking issue with the line that "...ninjas are not likely to take to the high seas." As it turns out, Dr. Michel Farivar, current grandmaster of yoshin meijin ninjutsu, was an avid fan of the Mythos before all of his reading hours were tied up by medical school and then psychiatry.

Dr. Farivar wrote "From Practical to Tactical: NInja Tools and Weapons, a Historical Perspective." We were discussing ninjutsu's ties to piratical operations and activities throughout history, and it seems that Mr. Brownlee is wrong. Ninjas did sometimes take to the high seas.

However, Dr. Farivar and I both thought that someday there would be an anthology of the Mythos vs. the Ninja. It could be like Godzilla vs. Mothra, only not.