Wednesday, June 27, 2007

High Seas Cthulhu

High Seas Cthulhu is preparing to raise anchor! Yeah, the line is campy, but what else could I use?

First, let me announce a contest at Go there and maybe win a free copy early. Follow this link.

For those who are not familiar with the anthology, here is a quick bit of text:

High Seas Cthulhu

Hoist the anchor and set sail for the High Seas!

Discover a time when tall ships ranged the oceans and creatures lurked in the dark depths. Journey across the world from the reign of pirates to the Age of Napoleon, to the present. Learn what fears dwell in sailors' hearts. All hands on deck, ready the cannon, and prepare to engage terrors unknown!

Swashbuckling adventure meets the Mythos in this exciting original anthology of Lovecraftian tales.

Authors include Alan Dean Foster, John Shirley, Darrell Schweitzer, William Meikle, Tim Curran, Gerard Houarner, John Shire, and many, many others.

Editor: William Jones
Cover: Steven Gilberts


Vwriter said...

Morning William:

I saw a list of "final" titles on Chuck's blog, and it struck me what a great bunch of story titles they are. I am going to nominate "Clown Fish" as the most funny and "The Others" as the most creepy.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the book (hope to win it, fingers crossed).
Big fan of the magazine too, when's the new issue coming out?



William Jones said...


"Clown Fish" is a playful title, although some creatures lurking in the tale are not as friendly. And "The Others" is a bit otherworldly, isn't it? :)

William Jones said...


The book release is counting down. There were a few tangle lines in the sails that becalmed it -- I'll stop with the nautical metaphor now. But it is on a true course now (okay, 1 more).

As for DW, the next issue is out this month. I expect shipping time is slowing progress to some locations.