Saturday, September 09, 2006

Surprise Anthology

A while back when I started doing some art direction with Colin Foran for Tim Curran’s novel Dead Sea, I came up with the idea of High Seas Cthulhu. Tim’s brilliant novel opens in the past, but shifts to the present. A wonderful SF/Horror/Thriller work. That set me to thinking about a Lovecraftian/Howard style anthology of fiction set in the Age of Sail. Working with Colin underscored this idea when he sent me a lovely 3-masted frigate “locked in chains” (as the expression goes).

While sharing my time on a few other projects, I brooded over the concept, and finally had a direction — even though the writers might disagree.

I’m lucky to have access to talented writers and artists for these wild ideas. After speaking with Steven Gilberts, he quickly put together a masterful cover that captures the spirit of the anthology. Thanks to a clever cover designer, the near-final work has a touch of a Patrick O’Brien look about it (the film Master and Commander was based on his writings).
Of course, the anthology is slated for a next year release, so I’ll not mention too much about it.

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