Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gen Con

Gen Con is one of the largest gaming conventions in the United States. It is overwhelming. Honestly, it takes days to view everything — not including the various sub-halls. While it might not seem like it, this giant-sized convention can make one weary. Long days and long nights. Plenty of people to speak to. Every year I meet people whom I’ve only known through letters or email. This year I did meet “Paul of Cthulhu,” as he was in the U.S. to pick-up his Ennie Award — great work Paul. But even so, we only have moments to chat before one or the other was off to something else.

And at long last I managed to spend some time with a favorite writer of mine, James Lowder. Those of you in fiction and gaming are likely to be familiar with his work. For the first time in several years of missing each other, we actually had lunch. He also provided me with a supply of some wonderful books! Always welcome at a convention.

For the Pulp Cthulhu fans, I did manage to run a Pulp game (everyone died). And I fear I missed sitting in on a Pulp game by Tony Fragge. We always meet at the cons, but seldom get a chance to talk for long. Maybe next year. Hopefully we are seeing Pulp in the final stages of play testing — as the games seemed to run smoothly. And from there it is only speculation.

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